Puppy Dog Bow

Puppy dog bows are designed for dogs from 5 to 10 lbs. They are created using fine 5/8" double face, sparkle satin, or grosgrain ribbon.  Some designs are combined with 3/8" ribbon of different styles.  Double and single loop dog bows are adorned with fine Swarovski crystals, 14k gold plated beads, silver plated beads or other fancy embellishments.  All puppy dog bows come with two high quality latex free bands.

Ribbon Size Bow Style Approximate Width
5/8" Double Loop 1-1/4"
5/8" Single Loop 1"


Please make sure that your pet is appropriate for the size of bow that you order.  You should take into size and weight before ordering bows to make sure that the bows will look correct on your pet.

All of Roxy's Bowtique Bows are hand-made for each order, providing you with the highest professional quality bow.  Each bow is expertly crafted with the latest techniques and designs, making the best bow possible.