Bowtique Information

Our Dog Bows are created and designed exclusively for Roxy's Bowtique.  Each bow is professionally crafted by hand with the highest quality products to provide you with the finest, longest lasting dog bow available.  We provide various selection of sized dog bows in single loop, double loop, single and double loop with v-cut backs, and our own Butterfly Collection.

We offer a large variety of dog bow styles for all occasions - including Birthdays, Holidays, Weddings, casual everyday use, and our special selection of dog bows for show.

All of our dog bows come in designs for Shih-Tzu, Yorkie, Maltese, Lhasa Apso, Poodle, and other long hair breeds.  Roxy's Bowtique offers different sizes of dog bows for baby dogs, tiny sized dogs, puppy sized dogs, and adult (full) size dogs.

Roxy's Bowtique recommends that our customers keep in mind your pets weight and size when purchasing our dog bows.  See our sizing chart below for approximate bow sizes.

Adult Size - Designed for adult sized dogs 10 lbs and over.

Ribbon Size Bow Style Approximate Width
7/8" Double Loop 1-1/2"
7/8" Single Loop 1-1/8"


Puppy Size - Designed for puppy sized dogs from 5 to 10 lbs.

Ribbon Size Bow Style Approximate Width
5/8" Double Loop 1-1/4"
5/8" Single Loop 1"


Tiny Size - Designed for tiny and baby sized dogs less than 5 lbs.

Ribbon Size Bow Style Approximate Width
3/8" Double Loop 1-1/8"
3/8" Baby
Single Loop
3/8" Baby 7/8"


When designing each dog bow from Roxy's Bowtique, we use the finest materials available to ensure that each of our bows is of the highest quality.  We use the finest double faced satin, velvet, grosgrain, and sparkle satin ribbons.  Each bow is stiffened and protected from fraying to keep the bows looking new after each use.  Roxy's Bowtique does not use toxic materials in the creation of our dog bows.

All of our dog bow designs come with a variety of fine embellishments, such as 14k gold filled beads, sterling silver beads, and Swarovski crystals.  All embellishments are hand-sewn in place, to properly secure them to the bow.

Each dog bow comes with one or more high quality latex free bands for attaching the bow to your pet.  Adult size dog bows come with two 5/16" bands, puppy size and tiny dog bows come with two 1/4" bands, and our baby dog bows come with one 1/4" band.  We recommend that you first prepare your dogs topknot prior to attaching the dog bow, as the bands are designed to hold the bow to your dogs topknot, but not form the topknot.  This will ensure the bow lasts as long as possible and keep the bands from prematurely breaking.

Roxy's Bowtique sells various sizes and colors of bands for preparing your dogs hair before attaching the bow.  When removing the dog bows from your pet, never clip the bands attached to the dog bow.  Carefully remove the bow first, then clip the bands holding the topknot with elastic band snips or fine scissors to keep the hair from tangling.